The hunt on terrorists continues in Cabo Delgado

In Cabo Delgado, fighting patrols continue with the aim of neutralizing terrorists who are hiding in the woods.

Over the weekend, and on August 26-29, the Defense and Security Forces intensified their combat actions under the Mbau Service Order.

A source speaking to the Notícias de Defesa said that five terrorist checkpoints were destroyed during the operation; 21 huts were destroyed. These were used as hiding places and attack preparation centers, and nine members of the group were also shot down. These were found and shot dead on their bases. The assault on terrorist positions occurred without any casualties on the FDS side. 

Still, on the count of combat operations, the FDS neutralized five terrorists, most notably Abdula Saide Sumail and his wife, who during their testimony confessed to participating in all attacks. Sumail also confirmed the death of Djeroque, Cheik Ibraim, Ambasse; both heads of the group, during the FDS's latest assault on Muidumbe.

At this time, the Defense and Security Forces tend to control and destroy most of the points that have served as terrorists' hideouts.  See more photos of the operations here

Source: Notícias de Defesa 

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